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                Language: 中文版   ENGLISH  

                ABOUT US


                        Qingdao Dongjia Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd was first established in 1952, and have possessed the total asset of ¥350 million Yuan, employing 1000 workers, with an area of about 400 Chinese Mu. The Group Company mainly involves in lines of machinery, real estate and property management, garment-making, wool spinning ...   [ VIEW DETAILS ]


                Blowing-carding Machinery

                Blowing-carding Machinery

                Carding technology is the development trend of cotton, cotton spinning project is to automate simple connection and ……

                Carding machine

                Carding machine

                The former procedure sent cotton (fiber) or by the volume of oil supply hopper cotton (fiber) layer opening carding and ……

                Shuttleless Loom

                Shuttleless Loom

                Jet loom weft traction is the use of the jet stream across the shed of shuttleless looms. It works by using air as the weft ……

                CONTACT US

                Add:89 Juyang Road,Wangtai Town Huangdao District,Qingdao,China



                Sales Company:+86-532-83131281